Me (but not all) of these concerns were addressed in a subsequent report that included only the 289 patients randomized to the four arm study. In an intent-to treat analysis, there was no significant benefit for chemoradiotherapy in the two groups that received it, and the data in fact suggested a trend toward worse survival for this group (two and five-year survival rates were 29 versus 41 percent, and 10 versus 20 percent for the chemoradiotherapy and no chemoradiotherapy groups, respectively). viagra cost cvs There were no significant imbalances for known prognostic factors (nodal positivity, resection margin status, histologic grade) in the two arms that could have contributed to these results. generic viagra tadalafil 2.5mg Local recurrence rates were similar in both groups, but there were more recurrences overall (84 versus 74) in the chemoradiotherapy group and a shorter recurrence-free interval (10. 7 versus 15. 2 months, respectively). generic viagra online In contrast to these results, both the two-year (40 versus 30 percent) and five-year (21 versus 8 percent) survival rates were significantly greater among patients randomized to postoperative chemotherapy alone compared to those who did not receive it, despite the fact that 33 percent of those assigned to adjuvant chemotherapy did not complete all six courses, and 17 percent received no chemotherapy at all. The median survival for patients treated with chemotherapy versus no chemotherapy was 20. 1 versus 15. buy cheap viagra 5 months, respectively. The authors postulated that the delay in the administration of systemic chemotherapy in patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy might explain the inferior outcomes seen in this group. buy viagra online Although the trial was underpowered to perform statistical comparisons of the four individual treatment groups, patients in both chemoradiotherapy groups had an inferior median overall survival (13. ordering viagra from canada 9 and 14. viagra blue pill 2 months for chemoradiotherapy alone or chemoradiotherapy plus chemotherapy) as compared to those undergoing observation alone (16. generic viagra tadalafil 2.5mg 9 months). buy viagra These data suggest that treatment-related toxicity might account for some of the differences. viagra samples In summary, it is difficult to draw firm conclusions regarding the benefit of chemoradiotherapy from the espac-. generic viagra tadalafil 2.5mg

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