DAY 1                                                  We flew American Airlines, direct from Boston to Orlando

Airport Shuttle to Best Western

From Orlando to Port is approx. 45 min
if traveling by private transport, you will be dropped out front, you will need to show ID to match guest list.
Luggage with disney colored tags (supplied in your packet) can be dropped to left of terminal.
Will pass thru a metal detector Security check, then up the escalators.
There are tables, w/ Disney rep to assure your paper work is in order, before getting in line (only 1 member/family)
View Model ship, characters around for pictures
Your will receive a Boarding number.
You'll have a family pic taken on the way in.
Once on board, rooms won't be available til 1:30 pm (luggage til 5). Usually 2 buffets are open.. or head to the pool to cool down.
or just stroll around the ship

we even ran into a few DISboard members
Here was the 1st trip thru Topsiders buffet
Kim & Norm
Here is a few DIS meeting at Pool

Disney's parking area  (from ship)
Disney Terminal
Goofey Pool

New Outdoor Screen (almost like a drive-in)
DIS Members meeting
watching Kids in Mickey Pool
Lobby - Pluto
Lobby (on deck 5, looking to deck 3)
Deck 9 Soda Station
Mandatory Drill
From room, Lifejackets to station before we release to sea
Then the Fun begins

Departure Party

The Goofey Pool changed into a Dance floor
Animator Palate
Deck 9 - Adult Pool area

What a cool place, all in Black & White

we had 1st sitting with APL rotation