My Disney Magic Trip Diary
Jeff Bowers
02/25/06 - 03/04/06 

Our 1st Disney Cruise was very nice... (did Princess in 2002)
   Before leaving
Boston, we met our 1st DISboard member

  We arrived in Orlando on Friday, Feb 24th & got a shuttle to Best Western Airport Inn. It was a nice hotel, but no dining, nor anything within walking distance. Ordered a take-out delivery

for Transportation to the Port, we used MH Transportation on time, polite, and affordable.

SAT. 02/25
We wore Bathing suit & carried only a few things in backpack, everything else is packed...

When we arrived at port about 10:am, we were directed into a parking lot away from the ship with others. There was a security breach in the loading area & things had to be secured 1st, so when they did open it, there was a little crowd rush.

 We were dropped out front at Taxi drop. Needed an ID to get in & compared to list. Once in, luggage goes to side or terminal. To enter terminal, had to pass a metal detector security point... after that boarding #9 was handed. Then they had people making sure your paper work was filled out correctly before getting in line & only sending 1 member/family in line.

  Check-in went well, we got our  "Key to the World" cards (one for each of us, son didn't have charging rights)

Off to see the Model ship and meet some DIS members wearing their Alien Green tags...

Once our number was called to board, they check ID to room card & you venture up the gangway where family welcome pictures are taken.

Then you step onto the Magic into the Lobby & they announce your Family by Name...

  First thing we did was head to Topsiders [deck 9 aft] for the Buffet....

Good lunch, then a skip down to Kids club for final check in & pagers [deck 5 mid]

Then back up to deck 9 for the Pool & meeting other DIS...

By 1:30 - 2: we headed to our room to check it out,

Life Jacket drill at 4PM, everyone needed to where lifejackets & report to Deck 4 Promande, then back to room after drill.

And head up to Sail away party.. Blowing Bubbles, & dancing & singing....  head back to room

Luggage started arriving 4:30-5:00 (1st seating was 5:30), shower & prepare for dinner at Animator's 

Our party of 11 arrived on time & were seated at Table #50, table had 3 kiddy cups for the 3 little ones we had.

The chairs had arms on them & when i sat i had to squeeze my thighs is... well i tried standing & the chair stayed with me.

They got me a chair with no arms... and at every sitting at every resturant there after..

After dinner we headed back to room to change, then to Walt Disney Thearter for the "Welcome Aboard" Show at 8:30

Settle in after the show, from a long day

SUN. 02/26 Today, we had our character breakfast in Parrot Cay at 8:30, Then off to Goofey Gallery for DIS meet at 11:00 am

12:00 Key West...   Need ID & "Key to the World" cards to get off the ship, we explored the streets & shops of Key West.

The day had some rain & sprinkles....

we were hoping to see the vendors & shows at Mallory Square, but the sprinkles changed to a steady rain.

  Back on the ship, we didn't have enough time to change and make the 5:30 seating, so we ventured to topsider for the buffet (which didn't open til 7pm)

Looked at burgers, dogs, chicken, fish,  then looked at pizza... went back to get a burgers, then back to get a slice & pizza was closed. guess i'll get a dog too

   Off to the 8:30 Comedy show in the theater... Gary DeLena, very funny guy for kids & adults..   retire after the show

MON. 02/27, Day at Sea - Sally got ready for her 9am massge, while Dyl & I went to Topsider for the breakfast Buffet, he went off to Kid Club & i did some scrolling & different events, met Sally at Vacation club intro.... Sally won the $300 on board credit  (Paid for our Massages)..  Lunch Buffet at Topsiders too, the to mantinee of Golden Mickey... For supper (formal night) we did Topsider sit down dinner, just before we ordered, dylan didn't feel well & went to bathroom & got sick.  Sally ordered us plates & they delivered it to our rooms. Rest & relax for the evening... poor Dylan

TUE. 02/28, Grand Cayman (This was a tender port) Sally & Dyl slept in, I did Topsider Buffet alone. (They room serviced breakfast), headed for Tender about 9am, a long rocky wait on the tender before it headed to shore.  Dyl felt weird when he got off tender, so they gave him chewable benerdryl & water. Once on land, we headed for the Capt Marvin Office to check in & pay. did a little looking around while waiting for the bus, warm mid 80's & sunny.

Just before getting on the bus, Dyl got sick twice, then felt great... 10 min bus ride to the boat... 20 min boat ride out to snorkeling area, waves & water current was very strong, it was hard to enjoy the snorkeling, but still cool... then off to stingrays.. I just watched... the kids that went in were spooked by them & a few adults.  Ride back in..... once back to office, we headed to boat.... for most had sun & wind burns & kids wanted a calm pool [hope for calmer waters next time)  Supper ?????    Saw Ventrioquism at 7:30, very funny guy, then back to room after cause Dyl was dragging, still not feeling well.

Skipped out for Vacation club Mtg & Dylan got sick somemore..   poor guy

WED. 03/01, Costa Maya - Dyl was feeling better & went to Topsider for Breakfast buffet, after prepared for our day.. Hot & humidy 80's

Walk thru the Costa Maya Market place & out of the complex to get a taxi to town, to meet David & Ivans for the ruins tour. an hour ride to Ruins, once there, there was a lot of vistening & a bit of walking, but very interested (more to the adults), until the end when we saw the larger ruins. Hour ride back & brought us to town or docks, we got off at docks & shopped the area. Once back on boat we needed to shower & clean up for Pirates dinner at Parrot Cay, it was fun & festival. after dinner, back to change, some where going to theater to watch Eight Below movie, Dylan had seen it & wanted to rest, so i relaxed (my full belly) with him. Mom came to get us after movie to go to Pirate party, but we were both bushed & out of it. Sally went to part of party.

THU. 03/02, Day at Sea - 7am Jeff massage... [heaven]  We all did Topsiders for Breakfast, Bingo, then Towel art classes, off to Lumeries for Lunch, Disney Dreams matinee, then back to Cash Bingo hoping to win the $3k cash bingo, off to Lumeries for Supper, then to Freddy Fusion show after... Later that evening was the midnight desert buffet... yummy

FRI. 03/03. Castaway Cay - Sunny, 80*, Great sunrise, breakfast at Topsidders, pack the day bag for Castaway Cay, get off ship & grab a tram bus to the beach. Lots of beach chairs & umbrellas. Water was't as warm as mexico waters, but warmer than new england & likable. We got our tube rentals & enjoyed floating around.

Kids loved the water. Lunch included chicken, burgers, salads & sodas & icecream. Relax & enjoy the afternoon.  So hard to imagine that this is the last full day of our cruise.  Back on ship, supper at Animators, the farewell to our servers... then "Remember the Magic" farewell show..also pack suitcases to be out of room between 9-11pm, leave out clothes to fly home in

SAT. 03/04 - Our breakfast was 6:30 am at Parrot Cay, then in line by 7:30, off the ship to luggage area... easy to find luggage, then show ID's at Custom's & outdoors we head pulling luggage out to curbside taxi pickup by 8... van wasn't coming til 9: we were at airport by 10: Amy, Eric & Kids had a noon flight, ours wasn't til 4.

So we took our time & looked around Orlando Terminal which was big enough to kill some time.

  We were in Boston by 7:30 pm, then back to my sisters by 9 & home by 9:30 pm..... Long day but home & cold in the 20's

Dylan enjoyed the Kids Club events, the Arcade, the deck 2 Ocean Quest, Pool, Buffet, Chicken Tenders, Topsiders and posing with Characters & getting autograph's

We bought quite a few from Shutters

~ Crew/Workers were so polite & helpful
~Rooms were large
~Dining staff were Excellent
~Best horn at Port
~Very Clean ship

Being Disney is enough to please most travelers

My negatives

~Coffee at soda station was never hot before 6 am & then it just heated what ever sat in it all night......
 I love a Hot fresh coffee at
5 am...  So didn't about 30 people each morning that where up there hoping too

~Buffet was open limited times [breakfast 7:30 - 11:00] - [Lunch 12: - 2: ] - [Supper 6:30 - 8:30]   (Pizza & DogHouse open 11am to near midnight)    and resturants limited times...  
 No normal buffet or meal between 2pm-6pm, or after 9pm   You eat around their schedule

~Family Goofy Pool was small & being sunk in made it hard to sit in a chair & watch child  (adult only pool was a better setup for families)

~Lack of communications.....  seperate Kid buffet  (took 3 days before we knew)

We will be back
but plan to try some other ships too